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"Your divorce could possibly be the single largest financial decision you will ever make."

More often than not divorce is emotionally challenging and chaotic. Some of the biggest financial decisions of your life happen during divorce. Complicated financial intricacies of divorce in mind, we are here to guide to Financial planning for divorcing clients.

Will you be financially secure after your divorce?

Empowered Divorce Solutions works with individuals and couples in Winnipeg to understand how the combination of income, property division and spousal & child support will affect you post-divorce. Through financial analysis and custom designed tools, we bring financial clarity and structure to a process often clouded by emotion, haste and misinformation.

Eliminate the guess-work and subjectivity surrounding divorce. Let us help you remove and mitigate the unknowns and uncertainties and put control back into your hands.

Our services are beneficial to all types of divorce. Whether you are pursuing divorce mediation, collaborative or litigated divorce, our financial planning expertise will bring empowering clarity and efficiency to your divorce process. Save time and money.

Consult with an expert in divorce finances today.

Empowered Divorce Solution Services:

Are You Facing Divorce?

Are You Facing Divorce?

Empowered Divorce Solutions can help you find a solution that works for you and your family.

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Empowered Divorce Process

Empowered Divorce Process

Working with clients at every stage of the divorce process...

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Lawyers and Mediators

Lawyers and Mediators

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can provide essential financial planning expertise to your legal team.

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Post-Divorce Planning

Post-Divorce Planning

Life after divorce requires new and adjusted financial strategies to provide you with the stability you need.

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Like they say, knowlege is power

and knowing where you stand financially is priceless.

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How We Can Help:

Empowered Divorce Solutions will help you:

  • Learn the difference between personal property and shared property
  • Evaluate assets accurately so they can be equitably divided
  • Understand the importance of retirement accounts
  • Evaluate pension plans and advise on their role in your settlement
  • Forecast spousal and child support needs in the short, medium and long-term future
  • Determine whether it’s in your best interest to sell or keep your home
  • Find solutions to potential tax problems and minimize your tax burden
  • Assess settlement options and choose the right one for your needs and lifestyle

Empowered Divorce Solutions works closely with you to:

  • Ensure you avoid the common – and potentially devastating – financial pitfalls of divorce
  • Research and organize complex financial information
  • Document, review and estimate your current and future expenses
  • Evaluate your assets, such as real estate, pensions, RRSPs, TFSAs, education funds and more.
  • Help you see the short, medium and long-term impact of various settlement options
  • Create detailed personalized reports presenting the entire financial picture, from day-to-day expenses through to retirement
  • Present expert financial analysis testimony to support your financial and lifestyle needs
  • Provide accurate financial forecasts for your life after divorce
  • Support and guide you in building a secure financial future





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