Empowered Divorce Solutions – Providing Clarity to your Financial Decisions

Your divorce may be the single largest financial decision you will ever make.

More often than not divorce is emotionally challenging and chaotic. Some of the biggest financial decisions of your life happen during divorce. Complicated financial intricacies of divorce in mind, Empowered Divorce Solutions is here to guide you.

Will you be financially secure after your divorce?
Empowered Divorce Solutions works with individuals and couples to understand how the combination of income, property division and spousal & child support will affect you post-divorce. Through financial analysis and custom designed tools, we bring financial clarity and structure to a process often clouded by emotion, haste and misinformation.

Eliminate the guess-work and subjectivity surrounding divorce. Contact Empowered Divorce Solutions and start making well-informed choices.

Our services are beneficial to all types of divorce. Whether you are pursuing divorce mediation, collaborative or litigated divorce, our financial expertise will bring empowering clarity and efficiency to your divorce process. Save time and money.

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Tesia Brooks CFP® MFA™ CDFA™

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst in Winnipeg, MB

Tesia Brooks is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™), Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Accountant with specific training and accreditation for divorcing clients. She brings over four decades of dedicated experience and training in the field of accounting, financial planning and wealth management.

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