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With financial expertise for your divorcing client

In one way or another, through divorce, your client's living arrangements will change.

There are many questions divorcing clients may be asking at this time, particularly surrounding their home.

  • Can they afford to keep the house?
  • Should they sell the house and downsize?
  • How do they share the home equity with their former spouse?
  • How will the mortgage payment, property taxes and utilities be handled until settlement?
  • What will their future income and expenses be?
  • Will they qualify for a mortgage on their own?
  • How much will they be able to afford for housing after the settlement?
  • What will their settlement look like?

The reality is that a person in divorce cannot effectively move forward until they have their separation agreement and understand their settlement. The needs and wants of your clients are your number one concern, but the fact is divorces today are more complicated than ever because both parties have interests in significant financial assets – from retirement savings and investments in the stock market to pension plans and real estate.

Without thorough, expert financial analysis researching possible consequences of asset division, it's impossible for both parties to assess the fairness of a settlement.

Our services include:

  • Research and organize clients’ financial information
  • Review and document estimated income and expenses for clients, both during the divorce process and after settlement.
  • Evaluate real estate, pensions, registered assets and other assets.
  • Housing needs analysis; is downsizing a good idea, how much will they have for a down payment, how much mortgage payment can they afford.
  • Provide tax analysis, projecting how financial decisions may increase or ease future tax burdens your clients may face.
  • Calculate and analyze assets and earnings of both parties to provide accurate near and long-term financial forecasts for client needs.
  • Support clients and educate them on financial issues.
  • Evaluate the financial outcomes of settlements proposed by either party, verifying short, medium and long-term financial numbers and their effects on clients’ finances.

We work closely with...

Mortgage Brokers and Realtors adding value to the services they provide for their clients. As CDFAs, we are constantly upgrading our knowledge to keep up with the evolving nature of both family law and taxation rules. We have a comprehensive understanding of the value of financial forecasting's role in helping clients realize the best outcomes for themselves and their dependents in divorce settlements.

Empowered Divorce Solutions will help your clients understand their bottom line and work toward a fair settlement addressing their financial needs. With separation agreement in hand, they are able to move forward with the rest of their lives.