Are You Facing Divorce?

Whether you are pursuing divorce mediation, collaborative or litigated divorce, our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst in Winnipeg MB will provide you with educated objective divorce financial analysis and financial planning advice.

The financial decisions that you make during divorce will have a lasting impact on your life for years to come. Can you afford to guess wrong in your agreement?

Are you facing the overwhelming task of how to divide your marital income, savings, investments and debt in a manner that provides the most favorable outcome for your future? It will effectively require consideration of the immediate impact of such decisions and the longer-term projections.

This is precisely why a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ or Chartered Divorce Financial Specialist is crucial to any divorce and where Empowered Divorce Solutions can assist you the most.

Outside of divorce, very few individuals would consider asking a lawyer or mediator for advice with their financial matters. Yet, divorcing couples continue to leave life-changing financial decisions in the hands of family law professionals and the court.

Empowered Divorce Solutions can help you avoid financial mistakes and arrive at a creative and equitable settlement.

Divorce Consulting Overview

Empowered Divorce Solutions prepares a detailed summary of your marital financial picture and presents a comprehensive report that illustrates your projected financial outcome in each settlement alternative. We review multiple scenarios side-by-side, allowing you to arrive at the optimal agreement. Our work will save you time and money allowing you to move ahead with confidence and clarity.

Here are some of issues we can help you with:

  • Keep or sell the marital home
  • Impact on cash-flow if property is sold in the future
  • Determine what is personal property versus marital property
  • Value assets and divide them equitably
  • Understand the importance of retirement accounts
  • Forecast spousal and child support needs
  • Find solutions to potential tax problems
  • Address short-term needs with the least impact on long-term finances
  • How best to divide retirement accounts (pension plans, stock options, RRSPs)
  • Optimize the division of marital debt

Seeking guidance from Empowered Divorce Solutions?

Guidance prior to filing for divorce is a wise choice. Empowered Divorce Solutions adds value at every step of the process, legal, financial and emotional. Whether you are considering or are in the midst of a difficult divorce settlement, we provide educated objective divorce financial analysis and advice that results in saved money, legal fees and stress.

Before – During - After

Empowered Divorce Solutions will work with your lawyer or mediator and tax professional to help you make better financial decisions before, during and after divorce.