Post Divorce Planning

A New Life - A New Financial Plan

You signed the settlement agreement but you’re not settled yet. Moving ahead involves creating a new Financial Plan to fit your new life. It means some basic steps, such as moving certain assets into your own name and arranging for a new or updated estate plan. It also involves setting new long-term objectives, reviewing insurance and tax strategies, and creating or revising savings plans.

The best time to move forward is now. With the right support and resources, you will manage with skill and self- assurance.

Life after divorce requires new and adjusted financial strategies to provide you with the stability you need.

Empowered Divorce Solutions provides Post-Divorce Financial Support:

  • Support and educate on financial issues
  • Assist in understanding your settlement agreement
  • Transfer monetary assets and property
  • Define new beneficiaries
  • Prepare household cash-flow plans
  • Annual re-calculation of child support
  • Recommend proactive tax strategies
  • Prepare annual tax return
  • Provide new and adjusted financial plans including management of wealth, estate & retirement planning and cash flow management.

Empowered Divorce Solutions will work with your lawyer and tax professional to help you make better financial decisions before, during and after your divorce.

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Is your divorce financially fair? Should you keep the house? Sell the investments? Share the pension?

Divorce is one of the biggest financial decisions that you will ever have to make. You have only one opportunity to get it right . . . this is your opportunity.

Contact Empowered Divorce Solutions if you:

  • Are considering separation or divorce
  • In the process of a separation or divorce
  • Planning for your future after divorce

Will you be ok after divorce? Empowered Divorce Solutions brings clarity to your decisions.

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